Microsoft ContractWeb


Work with the project manager and development manager to update Microsoft's responsive legal portal utilizing current Web Framework standards ensuring consistency and accessibility across 6 break-points. Garner approval directly from users, stakeholders, and support development to build enthusiasm for the improved interface. 



Using prototypes users were able to get a feel for several different UI orientations for Contracting Tools where traffic metrics were concentrated. Interviews revealed an affinity for certain information architecture and the desire for a structured and minimalist UI that degraded elegantly on constrained devices. Landing pages for support were edited into standardized manageable guides.


After redesigning what was in scope there was time left on my contract and I was empowered to redesign the request dashboard and advanced contract search tool with responsive breakpoints



Collaborated with development teams in the US as well as internationally to conduct regression and quality assurance. Provided overlayed redlines to compare implementation to exported Zeplin resources and CSS.


22 user interviews were conducted in person when possible and over skype for international subject experts. Observed patterns helped refine information architecture leading users to support faster.


5 focus groups refined feedback on homepage interaction relative to frustrations with the current solution. Insights regarding the AI bot affordance was collected in addition the ContractWeb Portal. 


Weekly reviews gained traction quickly and interview feedback bolstered certain design options helping stakeholders, owners, and manager stay on the same page. 



User Interviews​

Information Architecture & Content Management

The success of an aggressive 3 month timeline was dependent on the synchronized effort between design, management and content owners. Content grooming was identified by users as one of the best ways to improve usability as many documents and directions are obsolete and can be edited out of the system.



responsive production samples

Support documentation

Desktop FAQ

Mobile FAQ

Responsive Contracting Tools

Desktop search form

Mobile search form

My Requests Dashboard 

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