Microsoft MyOrder


Establish and modify prototype one-page style purchase order form for testing and gradual development. Introduce and improve KPI measurement. Create an intuitive multi-state UI with a progress indicator showing status and save/edit modes. Collaborate and commit to label and language improvements throughout the interface. Incorporate feedback from user representatives throughout Microsoft Finance.



Built a prototype of the proposed new one-page navigation concept with transitions that cinched together a task flow of 8 dynamic form sections. Buy-in on the prototype lead to full visual design and development. Using sprints, we targeted a couple of sections at a time, focusing attention on the Line Items and the table of information displayed in the saved view. Collaboration with developers was conducted primarily in scrum. 1:1 working sections with developers helped to finalize and match the developed web application to the visual comps.



Edited and optimized form field with contextual hints which removed guesswork. The Breadcrumb style timeline header UI combined with error notification helped users identify and correct mistakes inline and quickly. Flexibility in the user flow created a friendlier user experience for financial requisition and approval. Managers and assistants interviewed during development were thrilled with the new cohesive experience.




I synthesized concepts from Microsoft purchase order management into paper prototype, leading usability testing, visual production, and deployment.






The requisition was the first concept to be developed into a prototype to test the one-page design and breadcrumb navigation. The UXPin based prototype surpassed expectations with test users. There was feedback about how status was being presented. It became clear that banner alerts would scroll off-screen quickly. The breadcrumbs were modified to provide persistent completion status for each stage of the requisition process.

Line Items user testing

The complexity of the line items was apparent early on when efforts to reduce the displayed columns resulted in disagreements between project managers and the finance team. I decided to prototype several options which allowed users to view the long table, toggle on and off details as needed, or consume the table in a full-screen lightbox with smaller text to allow full detail at-a-glance. Users understood the challenge pretty quickly and had utilitarian reasons for favoring a lightbox experience.

Approval History User Testing

Once the requisition aspect of purchase orders was redesigned attention was focused on user studies for the approval UI patterns and the activity history log.