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Kindle reader


Support the cross-platform continuity effort for e-readers. Conceive a first-time user interface that allowed users to enjoy the application before buying books. Android app redesign was the primary objective of my role although I was able to contribute to Amazon's Kindles, Fire, and Fire HD.



Tested periodical and manga functionality of the app with users with user research team. Led experimental pre-login design that previewed features without commitment. Created type studies and worked with developers to ensure that the typography was optically accurate to expectations. Devised manga, trade book, and magazine design solutions for Fire and Fire HD. Observational UX testing was the preferred method to extract insights from actual users.



A new first-time user experience for the Kindle reader provides insight into the behavior of new users and how sampling can effect conversion from new user to avid reader and buyer. Functionality, released across the Kindle ecosystem, refined interactions, display settings, and instructions.

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