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LA Fitness


The existing LA Fitness mobile solution needed to be redesigned to drive membership and club engagement. A comprehensive architectural analysis revealed dated and sub-par content colocated with important KPI drivers.



Brainstorming sessions were conducted with the CTO and development managers to incorporate executive feedback.




The non-critical content was relocated to a secondary menu off the landing screen. Geo-locating enabled visualization of the closest club as well as personalized class information 

Architecture Improvements

Redundancies and dated content were easy to identify in the existing architecture Social channels with minimal interactive potential were extracted from the main menu. I organized secondary interaction in a submenu, while trimming redundant paths.


It is helpful for the creative process to be inclusive. In this project, I collaborated with the CTO on-site to identify the problem with existing technology verses the aspirations of the business team. The primary directive was clear—get members to workout at the facility.

Landing Screen Interactions

The landing screen proposals featured localized information within large touch targets Entry points were reorganized according to priority. Secondary functions, anything not related to getting members to the gym, were relocated to a menu icon in the title bar.

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